Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Part 1:

For the next couple of weeks I want to highlight some of the popular Bridesmaid dress colors for 2020 and give some examples of florals that we think would pair nicely with the color palette.

Color palette inspiration – Dusty Blue:
Dusty blue has become a popular choice for 2019/2020 Brides – this calm, cool, and collected color works with any season. We especially like pairing dusty blue with the timeless and elegant look of crisp white florals and textured greenery.

Color palette inspiration – Emerald Green:
Just about everyone looks great in emerald green and this bold tone conveys a luxurious aesthetic. Our favorite color palette to pair with emerald or jade green is a combination of rich, bold jewel tones and of course, accents of deep, velvety greenery. Candlelight and metallic accents are a great way to bring in a delicate romance that works with many venues.

Color palette inspiration – Sunset:
Ranging in colors from dune, Sedona, to desert coral we picture these hues as a warm desert sunset with beautiful red rock mountains on the horizon. These colors just crave a bohemian feel for decor. Loose and airy, flowing fabric, perfectly complimented with toffee and caramel tones and the soft, flowing nature of pampas grass. Utilizing our wooden triangle arch takes the overall look into a whimsical realm.

Check back here next week to see some more of our color palette recommendations and feel free to reach out to us if you need any inspiration!