Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration Part 2:

This week I wanted to highlight some color trends we are seeing from the West Coast that I would love to see pop up around Ohio.

Color palette inspiration – Pastel Tropical:

It may seem like a theme from a destination wedding but we all know how hot Ohio can get in July so why not bring some of that effortless, flowy fabric to the middle of the country? I love the tropical prints on a light, pastel organza or chiffon and pairing these with bold, emerald green tropical palms and ferns as well as muted tones for orchids and protea or even ginger brings as classic elegance to the look.

Color palette inspiration – Mustard:

I am the last person to raise their hand when asked if they like yellow. However, there is something so magical about a deep mustard or marigold tone, and I prefer a luxurious velvet in these shades. To me, this mustard tone is a must for a bohemian chic wedding where I can add a mix of rich, full-blossomed flowers combined with varying textures and off-set with pampas grass to complete the look.

Color palette inspiration – Bougainvillea:

Ok, so this is more of a specific flowering shrub influencing a wedding palette but it’s just oh-so-gorgeous that I couldn’t resist. Combining apple, fire-engine red and fuchsia is a nice way to balance with a dominate vine like bougainvillea. Don’t forget to add in pops of gold – whether it’s through enhanced foliage or metallic containers and décor items – it adds a delicate balance to such a strong color palette.

Check back next week when I explore some more classic color palettes.