Valentines day

So Valentine’s Day is this coming Tuesday….

And you waited until the last minute didn’t you?

Not to worry…we have compiled a few tips (from experience) to help. Just because a gift is last minute does not mean less awesome. The Gals at P+L can help you out with some great ideas for your true love, your secret crush, or your best Galentine or Valentine!

Make sure your gift idea is the best…..wait for it….ever!!!

We WANT you to think about the best and most awesome Valentine’s Day gift ever! Go! Stumped yet? … too…..great gifts aren’t always about re-inventing the whole holiday, but instead are the ones that make someone feel special on a core emotional level. Everyone has a little hopeless romantic in them somewhere, and it is often the simple expressions of love that speak the loudest. Even the most practical gals love feeling like royalty, so it never hurts to go with something that is simply beautiful and just for her, like flowers! From a single long stem rose to an opulent bouquet of exotic blooms, flowers remind us to appreciate each unique expression of nature and squeeze every bit of goodness out of each fleeting moment. What a great symbolism for love and life!

Peonies and tulips

Peonies and tulips

romantic-whimsical-floral-valentines day arrangements

Keep it Fresh!

Just because you have moved past overthinking doesn’t mean you have given up on originality! We can hook you up with all kinds of non-traditional flower varieties, funky plants, and customizable vessels to make a unique and memorable gift for that special person in your life! From of our timeless and classic dozen red roses, to unique and custom arrangements utilizing blossoms straight from the fields of Holland, we have the perfect floral gift for everyone. We also offer delivery anywhere in the city, and with Valentine’s Day on a week day, you have the perfect opportunity to infuse their workday with a romantic floral arrangement and mysterious invitation to dinner! Love and romance are about keeping things fresh and fun, let Petals & Leaves help you spice things up with a unique gift experience; we offer a variety of gift items from candles, candies from Seattle Chocolate Co., and adorable plush animals to warm every heart. If you want to go really original, the Arbor Day Foundation offers a service that allows you plant trees in Celebration of big life events like anniversaries, birthdays and of course Valentines day! You can even print out the certificate on your home printer so perfect for all of those last minuters. A great contribution to the earth with a long lasting impact! We have provided a link to the Arbor Day Foundation’s “Celebration Trees” below.

little leaves tiny plants big creativity

Don’t Wait!

If there is one thing to learn from this whole procrastinators game, it’s to not play it again! Whether you are ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day, or contemplating whether or not to talk to that person at the gym or in your building that you kind of have a thing for! Life waits for no one and opportunities happen, big and small, every single day! Grab them! The most important thing this Valentine’s Day is to take time to appreciate the wonderful people in your life and make them feel special! At P+L, we love creating with flowers, so obviously that is our “go-to-move,” but there are a million ways to make someone feel special, loved, and not just noticed but really truly “seen”. From remembering the way someone likes their coffee, to an uplifting text on a really stressful day; it’s the little things that add up to life long friendships and love! So plan a romantic movie night, bake cookies, buy flowers, make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast in bed, go to a swanky dinner, or just talk and listen to each other for the first time in a while this Valentine’s Day. Love shows up in lots of ways so don’t wait; jump right in! If you are looking to plan a unique activity check out this blog by the Columbus Team!