Seating… Something you probably don’t consider when thinking about wedding flowers. But it should be something to think about as it can impact the overall design of your wedding reception.

Traditionally, round tables have been the “go-to” for reception seating. Most venues carry 60″ or 72″ rounds that can seat 8-10 people. Rounds are the classic look and in terms of centerpieces you only need to fill about 10″-20″ in the center of the table. This allows you to fill the space in the center with a myriad of options from low compotes to elevated designs and anywhere in between.

Comparatively, rectangular seating is becoming more popular.   Everywhere you look on Pinterest and wedding blogs you will see gorgeous farmhouse or crepe organza draped rectangle tables with full, lush garlands of mixed greenery.  While this is beautiful, it may not work for every budget.  But there are certainly ways to achieve the same visuals without breaking the bank.  If greenery isn’t your thing and you want more lush florals you may need to incorporate multiple centerpieces down the length of the table to fill it out so keep that in mind when allotting your decor budget.  Your best bet is to have a candid discussion with your florist about the overall look you are trying to achieve as well as your budget.

A third style we’ve been seeing pop-up is the X layout.  This layout takes 4 rectangular tables and one small square table to create an X.  This allows guests to still have the feel of a rectangular table while only having to decorate the center square table.  You can seat many people at these table and maybe only have to do 4-5 centerpieces depending on your guest count.  This would allow for more grand centerpieces.


No matter which style of seating you choose, make sure you know ahead of time so you can discuss the aesthetic with your florist and they will be able to recommend designs to fit with your style and your budget.